Life Update and Home Buying Tips

So, hi hello! Long time no post! Life has been busy the last few months and so many exciting things are happening. With weddings back in full swing and Mike moving up in his kitchen, we are finally able to start looking for a home! We have always wanted to own a home and so we are so excited for this journey, but it’s been slightly stressful trying to make sure that we are doing all the right things at the right time.

First, Mike and I sat down and wrote down all the things we knew we wanted in our dream home and things we didn’t want. Next is when the hard work began and since it’s been a little stressful in the beginning, I thought I would share some things I have learned during this process in hopes that it will make someone else’s buying journey easier. 

First things first, talk to a local realtor, they are going to be the most knowledgeable about what steps you need to take at the beginning and they can help get you in touch with other professionals you’ll need. We called several realtors because we wanted to make sure that we went with someone that made a great first impression.

We finally found our realtor and they have been beyond helpful! They let us know what to expect as a first time home buyer and all the fees that we would need to close. They even offered to take us out to lunch and talk more about the process! The first thing they told us to do was get qualified for a loan because that would help us to determine what house we can afford. 

Our realtor put us in contact with several lenders in order to find out how much we could get. We spoke with 3 different lenders in order to see if we would get different numbers – and we did, we got three different numbers! I would highly recommend talking with more than one lender because you could get a high rate from someone else and our biggest difference was $5000 so that’s worth all the phone calls and meetings. I would also recommend making sure that anyone who is going to be on the loan be there for the call because they need information from all parties involved in order to give you the most accurate number. 

Mike and I have moved twice and both of those times we have done everything ourselves, with the help of our parents – and we know for sure that this time we will not be moving ourselves! We know that with the housing market boom, lots of moving companies are busier than ever before and we know for a fact that we want help for this move!

I asked several of my friends who have moved in the area what company they used and they all recommended ‘College Dudes Help U Move’. They are a local, Charlotte owned, moving company that helps move everything – and I mean everything! After doing some research on them, I found out that they have special services for moving antiques, which is important because most of my furniture is antiques that have been passed down through my family. I called them up and asked them if we needed to make sure we had blankets for covering and they told me that they will supply the moving blankets – which is awesome because moving blankets take up so much room and I know that we won’t use them again. Helps us save some money and it’s better for the environment, a win win.

I also had to ask them about moving a hot tub from my parents house to our new house. They are upgrading their old one and we didn’t want to just throw it out, and they said they would 100% help us move the hot tub since they are known for Charlotte NC hot tub moving! Knowing that we will have a dedicated team helping us move has made the thought of moving much easier. 

That is truly as far in the process that we have made it yet. We are currently working on finalizing all the numbers so that we can start looking at houses and making offers 🙂 I will surely come back with another post as we begin all the paperwork and inspections that come with closing on a house, so stay tuned!

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