Why the Litter Robot is Worth the Money

My boyfriend and I went back and forth for a few month on whether or not it was worth it for us to invest in a Litter Robot – and I wish more than anything we had gotten one sooner! We had some concerns that we thought over before we pulled the trigger but after assessing them, we decided it was well worth it!

We have three cats, one boy and two girls – and all of them go to the bathroom more than any other cats I’ve ever owned! This meant that my boyfriend and I had to clean out the litter boxes every day, sometimes twice a day – and while we did it for them, it was not something we ever looked forward too!

Since getting the Litter Robot, we only have to empty out the tray 3-4 times a week and we clean out our other litter box 1-2 times a week. It also have helped tremendously with the smell and keeping it contained – we keep the litter robot in the bedroom now!

The Litter Robot has a sensor in it that waits anywhere from 7-15 minutes before it cycles after you cat has exited the box – we have ours set for 15 minutes because Julian always goes into the box after his sisters go. It will then cycle b y rotating and separating the loose, clean litter from the clumps – which are dropped into a small hole at the bottom of the box and into the drawer below.

Some things that we worried about before buying the litter robot were;

  • How were we going to be able to afford it?

Litter Robot offers two different payment plans that you can choose from if you do not want to pay in full – we choose the longer payment plan and it has worked out really well for us.

  • What if the cats are afraid of it?

The Litter Robot is not silent, but I wouldn’t say it is loud either, it kind of reminds of a white noise machine. My cats HATE electric toys because of the sound they make, so we were worried they wouldn’t like the noise from the litter box, however, they do not mind it at all. In fact, Julian likes to sit in the litter box while it rotates – and don’t worry there is a catch with the litter box that will terminate the cleaning cycle if the cats are in the box – tested out many times by our little man.

We were also worried that Girl wouldn’t like it because she doesn’t like to go into dark confined places, but she doesn’t seem to mind the litter robot. At night time it does have soft blue night light that keeps it lit up but does not disturb the humans in the room.

  • Where will it fit?

One thing to keep in mind before ordering the litter robot is it’s size – it is much bigger than normal litter boxes! It is 29.5″ high by 27″ Wide. It is also raised up a bit but provides a step with a litter catching mat. Apollo hates the step and so she leaps into the litter box and out – which results in litter everywhere, but you have to choose your battles with cats!

  • Will it be a sustainable option for us?

One thing the litter robot has definitely saved us on is cat litter! We have had the litter robot for going on 3 months now and we have had the same carton of litter since we bought it! It is important to me that the products I use are sustainable and that transfers over to my cats products as well!

A few things I would recommend for your Litter Robot is:

  1. Use Clumping litter – it will save you money in the long run and it makes sure that each time it cycles your cats are left with a nice, clean area.
  2. Set the night cycle to at least an hour after you wake up – we learned this the hard way and after being woke up 2-3 times a night
  3. Don’t fall for the bag liners – we use grocery store plastic bags for our drawer – you have to have two and over lap them but it works just as good and they are free!
  4. Measure the area first – these things really are large!

Overall, we are so happy with our Litter Robot and hope to one day upgrade our other litter box to a robot, but we are waiting on a house for that! They also offer litter designed for the litter robot (it is kind of expensive and we have found that our normal litter works just as well), they have furniture that you can buy to conceal your box, and they even make cat toys!

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