Sustainable Cat Litter – The Dos & The Don’ts

So, it is no secret that trying to cat litter can be a scary thing and certainly a smelly thing, but my boyfriend and I are on the hunt for the perfect sustainable litter, which is proving harder than I originally thought.

We have tried several and I thought I would help out my fellow cat parents with my ever increasing knowledge of sustainable cat litters.

So one tip I have when switching litter is to do it gradually. You should mix about half and half, half the old litter and half the new litter. This way your cats are not confused when they go to the litter box and they can smell their old litter and adjust to the new smell.

Then as you scoop out the litter, add the new litter to replenish it.

So, onto the litters…

Pretty Litter

So we tried pretty litter before they had come out with their clumping litter and we have not tried their clumping litter, so I can only speak for the non-clumping bag.

This litter was cool because it changes colors with your cats pee and poop to let you know if something is wrong. I think that sometimes it was a little iffy as to how accurate it is, but it really does change colors. I think certain medicines will make the colors change as well.

But, the issue we had with the non-clumping bag was that it SMELLED. The pee would just collect at the bottom of the litter box and sit there, it never really absorbed into the litter.

I also wanted to add that this one is not made sustainability, at least I don’t think it is. I think it is more sustainable because we used way less and we weren’t scooping as much, but that was because it never absorb the pee.

Catalyst Multi-Cat Litter

This was definitely one of my favorite sustainable cat litter choices, however, my cats hated it! This one was also gifted to me by Catalyst.

Please forgive the photo quality, I could never get it to focus on the litter.

The litter is made of recycled soft wood, than has been shredded down into a litter. The smell was amazing! It reminded me of a cabin in summer time. However, once we had made the switch to just Catalyst Litter, our cats stopped using the litter box all together, which was very annoying. (Side note – That is not poop in the box some of the pieces where still a bit large)

My cats are super picky when it comes to things touch their paws, so I think that they also didn’t like the feel. My one cat we rescued and he was a born wild, while my two other cats were born in homes – so I think that it really has to do with where they are raised.

This will be an ongoing post as we try not to switch up their litter that often because it confuses them and causes them to not sure them.

We are currently using Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance and it is honestly our favorite – it is by no means sustainable though. We do buy the bigger containers because they last us longer and the containers are very easy to wash and recycle – or you can turn them in watering cans like me:) (I set them out when its raining to collect rain water for my plant babies.

Our next litter to try is going to be from Litterbox – and it is there clay clumping litter. We are hoping to receive a Litter-Robot for Christmas and this litter is said to work swimmingly with the robot, so were are hoping the cats like it too! Stay tuned!

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