We Moved!

The first and the only photo we have together since moving.

I know, I know, it has been so long, too long, since I last posted on here but I am back and while I’m not going to say that I am going to start being consistent, I am going to say that I am going to try to be!

So, moving.

There is a whole coffee table in the back of my car in this photo, and then some. Packing is like Tetris.

If there is one piece of advice I can give someone moving, it would be to pay some college hunks to move your junk! We moved into a third story apartment, with only the help of my parents; so it was my boyfriend, my mom and dad, and I … NEVER EVER AGAIN! I was fully prepared for my boyfriend and my dad to fall tf out; my dad tripped a few times and after about the second, I forced them to stay inside for 15 minutes and take a break, they lasted about 5 minutes!

But, one thing I will say about our move, is we created a very small amount of waste! Now you’re probably like, how did that happen, let me just tell you it is possible if you are smart about your packing and use all the resources you already have.

I won’t lie to you and say that it was packed neatly, it was very chaotic and didn’t make much sense, but it worked . I used every reusable bag that we had and filled it with all our picture frames, and pretty much anything that was hanging on the walls, went into a reusable. That helped so much because normally it would take 2-4 boxes for all my photos, I have so many photos but I love memories so fight me!

Then, for most of the other stuff, we used the plastic bins we already had from previous moves and my boyfriend brought home a few boxes from work. And we just filled them up with stuff until we could barely pick them up.

For the things that were fragile, we used our dish towels and rags to wrap them up so that they did not break in transit. We did not have any paper towels in our house when we moved, we were doing super well with using reusable paper towels.

We also ended up donating a TON of stuff to goodwill! By a ton I mean we had to get two receipts because everything wouldn’t fit on one. The reason we donated a lot of stuff was because we went from a two bed room to a one bed room and we had way too much fucking furniture for a one bed room. We also had a lot of dishes from when I lived in a college house with 5 roommates that we donated.

Apart from having to lug everything up three floors, moving was super easy and cost us almost nothing! And to help reduce our waste even more, we found someone in our new community who is moving in a few weeks and we gave her our cardboard boxes in exchange for the most perfect little wicker table! I’m telling you guys, facebook marketplace is where it is at, you can literally find anything you need if you look hard enough!

Well that is really all the tips and tricks I have for you on moving sustainably. If you have ever moved, did you try to create as little waste as possible? Will you next time?

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