Sustainable Jewelry – Part One

Okay, so first of all welcome to my very own site! I am so excited for The Green Fairy’s next chapter!

And also, I was going to make this one long post, but it started to get really, really long, so I am just going to do two parts – this one and then I will be creating a youtube video for the second part, which I will upload to the end of the post, should I be able too!

Now that we have the work out of the way, lets get dressed up…

I have always loved jewelry! I can remember sneaking in to my grandmothers and mothers room and stealing their jewelry to wear around the house. One time, I took my a ring from my mom and it was worth like $2,500 – I lost it for 4 months and then found it on a cruise, don’t ask me because I don’t know either!

Know I have grown up and now I always ask before I borrow my moms jewelry but I have also started to collect my own pieces to love and one day hide from my daughter. I try my hardest to get my jewelry from sustainable companies, family pass downs, or thrift stores.Of course, I have several pieces that are not either of the above, either from the start of my sustainability journey or they were gifted to me. All of the pieces I am going to share with you today are either from 6th Borough Boutique, a thrift store or it was passed down to me from someone in my family.

6th Borough Boutique

This is currently the only company I buy jewelry for myself from. All their necklaces are made with eco-sourced metal and never contain lead or nickel. If you didn’t know nickel is one of the most common metal allergies and can be especially painful in ear piercings. I have really sensitive skin when it comes to metals and I can say that I have worn these necklaces several times with no issues:) I personally have been into stacking my necklaces lately, so my favorite look is the image with four necklaces.

I am not sure where they sourced the pearl or diamond stud from, but I do not think they are real. I believe that the diamond is CZ.

If you want to add some of these beauts to your collection, you can use my code, ‘tgfairy‘ for 15% off and a free necklace with you purchase.

  • Top Left: Signature Lariat Necklace & Mini Pearl Necklace
  • Top Right: Crystal Lariat Necklace & Mini Pearl Necklace
  • Bottom Left: Dainty Moon Necklace
  • Bottom Right: All of the above worn together

Goodwill Container

Next up we have some of my new favorite pieces. I got these from one of those containers full of jewelry at Goodwill. I was always super hesitate about buying one of them because I wasn’t sure it would be worth it, but now it is a monthly thing for me, if I can afford it – but only one a month!

So the first necklace is one of the cooler things I found in the container. It is a handmade cooper necklace with a deep blue stone in the center. When I pulled this out, I knew I was in for some treats!

The second choker necklace has become my new staple choker. If you know me, you know that I have worn a choker, almost, everyday for the last four years and I feel naked without one. I have two good chokers – which will be in the next video – but they are not colorful like this one. I love this choker for fun summer looks and just to wear around! It is not made with turquoise, lol I wish it was, but it is simply made with blue and gold beads – I believe it too is handmade.

The third necklace is super funky! It is made from different types of nuts and seeds, 100% handmade. I have two necklaces like this and I love them! They are just so unique and they always generate a conversation with someone when I wear them out! That is one thing I like about jewelry, it is such an easy conversation starter!

Most of my jewelry at the moment is necklaces but I am trying to grow my bracelet collection. I am much, much more pickier when it comes to thrifting bracelets than I am about necklaces because bracelets can be just right, way to small, or too big, there seems to be no in-between for me. Wooden bracelets are especially hard for me to find because they are usually way to big, but all these little babies were on the top of the container just waiting for me to bring them home! I now have 3 wooden bracelets that fit me šŸ™‚ I will probably no longer look for these when I go shopping as I do not wear them that often, however I love the colored wood and will snatch those up!

Goodwill Jewelry Selection

And last but certainly not least…

My other nut necklace!

I think that is what I am going to start calling them when I talk to people about them, make it more interesting. This was one of the first necklaces I thrifted from my now local goodwill and I love it! One thing that I really like about this one is the color scheme, it calmer than a-lot of my other pieces. I have no clue what these nuts/seeds are, but as you can see, it is very different from my other nut piece.

Do you have a sustainable jewelry company you want to rave about, do you make your own jewelry, or do you have a super funky piece you use as a conversation starter?

If yes, please leave a comment and share! And be sure to look out for my new YouTube video with Part Two coming soon!

One thought on “Sustainable Jewelry – Part One

  1. I love your super funky neckless.. It looks like the necklaces i would make. I have make about 40 different ones. All special in a way not one the same. I will post pics soon just getting started on this wordpress


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