Moving – made somewhat- sustainably

This is a photo of my boyfriend with our first meal when we moved into our apartment! We had no furniture and so we created our own chairs. Also look at girl underneath the table.

So, my boyfriend and I are planning on moving out of our current apartment and into my parents home. This is a decision that has long been a thought and due to COVID-19, we think it is the best option for us finically. It is certainly not what I really wanted to do with my life straight out of college, however, nothing is really normal right now. With all that being said, I am once again beginning to pack my life up into a tiny little, and not so tiny, little boxes.

Did you know that it is estimated that 900 million card board boxes are used in for moving each year! That is insane! What is perhaps scary is the fact that less than half of it will be disposed of properly. And there is an estimated 30 million roles of tape used! Common packing tape is not recyclable. Companies, like Noissue, offer disposable packing tape, and you can even customize it, if you wanted to.

Moving can produce a lot of trash, but it does not have too. I started packing up my kitchen and didn’t want to use paper towels or tissues to wrap my glasses with, so I used some of the excess dish towels we had. Then I used some of the rags we use to clean the windows! Boom killing two birds with one stone!

I wrapped my glasses with out of season dish rags, everything else in the box is the random items from our kitchen that we do not use regularly.

I am also using my reusable tote bags to hold photos and wall decor! We have several plastic boxes from our previous move and we are collecting boxes from my boyfriends job to use as well! As for our books, we are loading them up into a few of our suitcases, makes moving them so much easier!

I will update this post as our move, moves along, did you see what I did there 😉 We are hoping to be in our own place again within a few months, not sure where we will end up, but just know it will be into our first home! If anyone has any need to know information about buying our first home, please share it with me!

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