Decorating Your Living Room with Thrift Store Treasures and Family Heirlooms

So, since being cooped up in my house for so many days in a row, I am so thankful that I have created a space that I adore. A lot of these pieces have been collected over the years from various Goodwills, Habitat for Humanities, and my Grandparents house.

I have an obsession with wall art and a fear of blank walls, so the two combined leads to many wall galleries, but I love them; so much so that I have two in my living room.

  • Curtains – I did buy my curtains new because they had to meet a certain requirement in my apartment complex
  • Wall Decor – Photo frames and Art were collected from Goodwill, Poster is from LACMA, Blue Piece from Pinehurst HFH
  • Couch – Goodwill … $.99 🙂
  • Yellow Chair – Goodwill – $15
  • Coffee Table – Goodwill (Top Find)

This is one of the first corner in our apartment that I decorated. I kind of have an obsession with shelves and filling them up with things I love, so others can see. I think that you can learn so much about what people put on display. We found the bookshelf from goodwill for $10 and I was going to repaint it, but we do not think we are going to keep it, so I decided against it. Luckily, we have been able to find all dark colored living room furniture, so it fits in perfectly.

But also, don’t be afraid to add so pops of color in the room! Make it fun, make it somewhere you want to be.

  • Bookshelf – Goodwill
  • Mirror – Goodwill
  • Most of the frames on the wall – Passed down from family, Goodwill
  • Lamp – My Grandmothers
  • Things on the shelf – Family treasures, Goodwill treasures, and Plants

This photo wall consists of some of my favorite memories, mostly with my boyfriend. I love the idea of collecting frames from thrift stores and then adding in your own memories. The easiest way that I can find to organize my photo walls is to do a mock layout with paper and tape, that way I do not put tons of holes in my wall. I did choose to repaint my TV Stand and we are planning on bringing it with us when we move. I choose green and blue as my pop colors, I am not sure why, but I am very happy with my decision.

  • Frames – Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity
  • Glass cabinet – Grandfather’s
  • Incense holder- Goodwill (Top Find)
  • Plant – Lowes (RIP to my begonia)

  • Tv Stand – LetGo
  • DVD Player – Goodwill
  • Movies – Goodwill, Family

I will make another post about how I re-do my furniture; it is rather easy and fun. The one piece of advice I can give you about buying second hand furniture, is really look at it, and if you do not love it, wait to find something you love! I am so picky it when it comes to thrifting and I make sure that the furniture works the way it is supposed to before I buy it – trust me, no one is going to judge you for opening all the drawers, or spin the chair around a 100 times before you walk out with it.

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