My Favorite Cult Documentaries on Netflix

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I know I am not the only one who finds cults interesting, there wouldn’t be such a wide selection of documentaries on Netflix if I was alone in this thought.

Many people have looked into passed cults and studied them and their ideals to try to get a better understanding of what was really going on. As hard as you try to understand and as much studying as you do into each one, you really would’ve had to have been there and been under that influence – and I also truly believe that some cults start out with a good ideal in mind, but loss sight due to power.

None the less, cults are interesting and there are a lot of really good documentaries on Netflix and I decided I was going to let you guys know which ones were my favorite because why not, so please enjoy and let me know what you think!

Also please be aware that a lot of these documentaries show violence of some sort and some sexual advances that might be uncomfortable for some viewers – I definitely wouldn’t recommend these for kids under 10.

Wild Wild Country

This is probably one of my favorite Cult Documentaries on Netflix! I have watched it through three times!

It goes through the whole journey of the Rajneeshee commune in Oregon and their leader Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, however it offers a rather unique look into Bhagwan’s second hand woman, Sheela.

I just find it fascinating how this commune, with Sheela as their leader, was able to carry out all the things that they did. This cult has is all, drugs, sex, manipulation, poison, and oh so much more, you will definitely want to finish this one in one sitting!

One thing that I do find intriguing is how they were able to, “turn the dessert green.” They were so ahead of their time when building their city and they proved that if we are kind to nature, it will be kind back. I find that kind of beautiful.

Click Here to Watch

The Keepers

In Baltimore, nuns were being killed and no one could figure out why.

Currently watching – Will update once finished, but so far I am hooked 🙂

One of Us

One of the things that I find shocking about religion is how frightened it makes people. I grew up in church and as I have gotten older, I have grown away from faith, well I wouldn’t say faith, I would say the idea of churches and organized religion.

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In this documentary, it focus on three people who grew up in a Jewish community in New York city and left. It was heartbreaking to me and even more heartbreaking that the local government gives them almost free rein. This documentary is eye opening in the fact that we take so many of normal day freedoms for granted.

Great watch and it is not that long 🙂

Holy Hell

This title is accurate for this documentary. Their are some cults that I think would entice me, but this one is just scary. The leader of the group known as the Buddafield was called Michel. Michel wanted to be in front of a crowd, he wanted to perform – he was in Rosemary’s Baby, also a great classic if you’ve never seen it. When his following was at its greatest, life seemed like a great thing, but behind closed doors there was abuse, of all forms.

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Michel abused his followers in a number of ways and eventually lost a great majority of them, but he is one of the few cult leaders who still has following today. They mainly recruit through yoga studios in Hawaii, where the group is based.

Click here to watch.

Witches: A Century of Murder

I have secret… I love anything and all things witches. I think every part of the history on Witches is astonishing and something we ought never to forget – I mean killing people based off of mostly lies?!

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While this was not one of my favorite documentaries because it using a lot of guessing, however, it offers a different look and perspective of the beginning of the Witch Trails – starting in Scotland and then leading to the Americas.

It all started with one book written by one Monk and a King who thought he was a witch hunter, the hysteria these two created together lead to the deaths of over 1000 innocent people.

Click here to watch.

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness

Joe Exotic is now known as, The Tiger King – but the title might be a little misleading, seeing as The Tiger King finds himself in a cage, Grady County Jail.

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Joe Exotic

It shows the beginning of Joe’s G.W. Zoo career, how it grew, and how it fell. It also focuses on some other famous exotic animal owners, Carrol Baskins, Doc Antle, and Tim Stark and how they might be exploiting cubs for money.

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So this documentary hit close to home because I live in Myrtle Beach. I have never been to Myrtle Beach Safari as I personally do not believe in their practices, however, I could not afford to go if I wanted to because tickets are at least $355 a person, and that is without photos! Myrtle Beach is flooded with tourist every year, upwards of 20,000, and these poor cubs are exposed to groups of people almost every second of there lives. Also, mark my words, there will be another documentary on Doc Antle and his Safari**, that man gives me bad vibes. I will also say that there number of grown tigers never really increases, but they always seem to have babies… makes you think.

I firmly believe that Joe Exotic started his zoo with good intentions and lost his way when he experienced a life of fame and fortune. However, I think that the G.W. Zoo, when Joe was running it, was better than a lot of the other exotic zoos shown in the film.

Well, I am not going to binge watch Weeds and Brooklyn Nine-nine but I hope that I could help you choose something new to watch on Netflix. Also, if you know have any other cult related films, doesn’t have to be on Netflix, please share them with me!

**Myrtle Beach Safari Raid

So, yes, the Safari is still up and running.

In December of 2019, SLED, SCDNR, and Horry County Police raided the park on allegations that Doc Antle had bought lions from a Zoo in Virginia accused of Animal Abuse.

The owner of the Virginia Zoo was found guilty of forty-six accounts of animal abuse and 100 animals were taken off the property. Antle has three lions that are tied to the case as decedents of lions from the Virginia zoo – there mouths were swabbed for DNA and authorities worked with Antle to trace where exactly the lions came from.

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