How I decorated my Kitchen for around $75

So first of all, I understand that a lot of what I have in my kitchen has been passed down to me through family, but, you could 100% do it for around $100.

My kitchen is decorated with items from my Mom’s parents house, my Mom’s house, and a wide variety of Goodwills and online estate sales. I love that my kitchen is decorated with items that my grandparents cherished because growing up I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my grandmother, and it is nice to still have a piece of her in the kitchen with me. Plus, my boyfriend loves to cook, so the kitchen is a place we spend a lot of time in and plain wall space kind of scares me.

This is my favorite wall in my kitchen. The menus on the wall are menus that my Mom’s Parents, my Grandparents, collected from all over the world. I never knew that my grandparents had all these menus as they kept them in a box, but I fell in love with the uniqueness of each of these menus.

The wooden shelf I snagged from on online auction for $3! On the shelf are some of my grandmothers perfume bottles, rock turtles from Mexico, and local beach finds.

I love this wall so much and I hope to one day get some of the menus frames and make it a little more organized, but I want to find a house first!

This is our little kitchen table. It is a folding card table, and we simply dress it up with table clothes and our place mats are from our short trip to Ubud, Bali. I got our chairs from our local Habitat for Humanity for $2 a piece. They were originally dark wood but I decided I wanted red chairs so I redid them.

The paper towels on our table are from Grove Collaborative and are reusable – you can was them several times before throwing them out. And the flower is one of the first gifts that my boyfriend gave me 🙂 It is made with silk petals and it is one of my favorite flowers because I do not have to water it.

If you have been following my blog from the beginning, you know that this is my glass Tupperware collection. I got the majority of these pieces from my grandparents and a few I did order from amazon.

This is the set I got from amazon.

This is my growing jar collection. If I do not save a jar, I clean it and donate it to Goodwill. I mainly keep sauce jars because they just seem to be the ones we use the most. The pots are from past plants I have gotten and they bit the dust.

This is also another one of my favorite little spots in my kitchen. I found both of these frames at Goodwill. The yellow one is a photo that has been threaded, I am not sure what that is called, but I love it! The bottle openers are also from my grandparents and a few are from some my boyfriend has had.

I did not take any pictures of my fridge but my magnets are off of my grandparents fridge and I love that I have not only pictures of my boyfriend and I, but I also have pictures of my grandparents when they were younger and I even have a picture of my mom from when she was my age.

And last but not least is our dishes. A lot of dishes have just been collected over the years, from my parents house, my grandparents, and the little plates are from my local HFH. We do not have an ton of dishes because it is just me and my boyfriend and we do not normally have people over for dinner, so there is not really a need.

I hope you have enjoyed this look into my kitchen, and I would love to know how you have decorated your kitchen!

Stay tuned for my next blog post about how I decorated my living room for around $100 – furniture and all!!

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