Why You Should Sit in the Upper Level at an Avalanche Game

Photo Credits – NHL.com

As if you need a reason to save money on tickets to any NHL game, the biggest tip I have to offer you is to purchase tickets from the Upper Deck!

This was my boyfriend and I’s first NHL Game and we couldn’t have asked for a better time! First we order our tickets through stub hub for $20 a piece, like what! And getting into the arena was a breeze! We Ubered to the game, so we did not have to deal with parking – thank goodness. And perhaps the coolest thing about the game was they won!

So, Yes, Before you ask ladies, you can bring in a bag, but they will search it and it has to be certain dimensions, so check before you go (:

(Pepsi Center Bag Policy)

With neither of us having any CO gear, my boyfriend purchased a hat the day before the game from Blue Moose Trading Co. in Golden and I got an avalanche sweatshirt.

The store was the most organized major league sports store I’ve ever been in and the staff were the most helpful! I of course got the last sweatshirt on the sale rack and it did not have a tag, but they quickly found it on the computer and it really was on sale (:

Before we trekked up a hundred stairs, I thought I would ask someone the quickest way to the third floor, they directed me right to an elevator!

NHL Hockey Tip: You are not allowed to enter the Arena while the puck is in play! People will not be nice to you if you try to walk around them! Hockey fans take their sports very seriously, so respect their rules!

So someone was actually sitting in our seats when we arrived, but it was fine with us because that just meant we got to sit closer! We sat beside a group of guys, who were clearly from Denver, so it was great commentary to the game.

I cannot for the life of me remember where we ate, but we got Garlic fries and while they definitely left a smell in ya mouth, they were SO good! (only thing I can tell you is it is on the third floor)

Once seated, I couldn’t believe we paid $20 for our tickets, while some people with worse views paid $70+ ! We could see it all and the jumbo screen was very clear as well!

And, please forgive me for the photos of during the game, I did not do a good job of taking pictures during the game.

And one final reason that you should buy tickets on the Upper Level – LOOK AT ALL THE EMPTY BATHROOM STALLS ! I am not sure why this amazes me so much, but like what?! As a female, I feel like half the time I go to events, I spend a quarter of the time waiting in line at the bathroom! I never had to wait and one time I was the only one in the restroom!

Overall, anywhere you sit at the Avalanche game will be a good seat! And overall the fans are very welcoming and quite entertaining. The only thing I wish they had was a Kiss Cam – someone let them know they need one of those!

Go Avs!

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