Benefits of Coconut Milk

So recently I have seen a lot of recipes and people talking about the different ways they use a coconut, the possibilities are kind of endless with this fruit.

Gotta love that pure Coconut milk!
  • You can make your own coconut oil – here is the recipe but I have never taken the time to try it, so if you do let me know how it goes!
  • skin moistures
  • Help your hairs PH level
  • and More!

I am going to share with you guys my favorite ways to use coconut milk, and you can usually find it for under $5!

  • Restores damaged and dry hair
    • This is my favorite way to use coconut milk – it is a mask for your hair!
    • If you are looking for a quick pick me up for your hair, you can simply rub some coconut milk onto your hair and scalp and massage it for about 5 minutes. Then wrap a hot towel around your head for an additional 5-10 minutes. Then rinse well.
  • Promotes Hair Growth
    • Using coconut milk in your shampoo allows for your hair to return to a normal PH level. Your hair PH level should be around 4.5-5.5. If you are someone that is constantly dying or highlighting your hair, your hairs PH could very well be off. When you hair is at a healthy PH level it is easier for it to grow nice and long.
    • I am always curious as to weather or not products actually help your hair grow, but I started trying everything after a stylists cut off 5 inches more than I asked, and I must say I think this works or helps.
  • Conditions Hair
    • Coconut is a natural conditioner for the hair, as it has many oils and nutrients in it that your hair needs. By simple adding some coconut milk to your bottle of conditioner can help your hair.

The best thing about Coconut milk is that it contains Lauric Acid!

  • What is Lauric Acid?
    • Lauric Acid is a rare fatty acid that can also be found in mothers breast milk
  • What are the Health Benefits?
    • Lauric Acid is an anti-viral, fungal, and bacterial, so it is good to drink when you have a cold or are simply feeling under the weather!
  • Lauric Acid main benefits include:
    • Helps with Dandruff – also works (IN SMALL QUANTITIES) on dogs 🙂
    • Scalp infections (treating and preventing)
    • Relives dry skin and Itchy Scalps
    • Makes hair softer

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