Composting 101

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Hello Friends!

I am sorry I have been so MIA on here lately, but life has been hectic!

I have applied for graduation, I have sorta kinda gotten my first marketing gig, and my mom is coming to visit tomorrow! But have no fear, I am still here 🙂 I am going to start posting on Monday’s and Saturday’s – I am not going to give you a time because I am too scatter brained for that!

Anyway… composting!

So, I recently purchased a mini compost bin from amazon because I was dying to start making my own. I was worried about composting in my apartment because I didn’t want it to smell or bring in bugs, and I also didn’t want my cats to try and get into the mix.

I finally settled on a stainless steel one from Sear Nation – it was originally around $50 but I got it for around $20.

This one comes complete with a carbon filter, so it helps keep the smell in. It is perfect! If you are looking for a good apartment compost bin to get started with composting, I would recommend this one.

How to Compost

Composting is fairly simple, and once you fill your small bin, you just have to wait.

You want to make sure that you bin has the right ingredients and conditions to work its magic.

The average ratio that I go by is 2 parts green to 1 part brown.

Don’t worry I got you covered – feel free to download this printout of what greens and browns can be added to your pile – and what you should not add to your pile!

Once your bin is full of goodies, you will want to close it up and forget about it for a few weeks. Before I closed mine up, I added a half a cup of water and stirred it around – moisture is a key ingredient in your compost pile, if you notice that it is dry, add a little water. You do not want to drown your compost, but you do not want it to be dry either, you be the judge of how much water you need to add.

After you pile has sat for a few weeks, you can shake the bin to turn the insides once or twice during the first few weeks, but do not over do it. You might notice mold in your compost, that is a good sign that things are beginning to decompose, as long as you do not eat the mold you will be fine. After about a month you should turn your pile, bring the bottom to the top.

The whole process will take around 4-6 months – from my experience. We are on month 2 with our small pile and it looks so different from when we first started it.

I was recording the stages of pile but I do not pay wordpress any money, so they will not allow me to post videos to my post, SO, I will start uploading pictures each week so you guys can see first hand what our compost looks like – check out my instagram for the composting videos 🙂

Here is the most recent photo of my compost pile 🙂

Compost pile week 4

So that is the jist of my composting knowledge, like you guys I am learning. Once our compost is finished, we will need to test the soil to make sure that it is safe for my plant babies and if it passes the test, hopefully, it will help my babies thrive.

If anyone has any tips or tricks for the end of the composting process, I am all ears! Leave a comment, email me, let’s talk!

Happy Composting Loves

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