It’s Fall Y’all

I am not sure about anyone else, but fall is hands down my favorite season. You get pumpkins, cinammon candles, the leaves change colors, the water cools down, and so do the nights, perfect cuddling weather, ugh, just what is there not to love?

Being that fall is one of my favortive times of year, I love to decorate my home for the season. However, I am broke and I have a hard time buying plastic or single use decoration items.

So, I consider the fall season to be from September – Novemeber, and within those months you have three big holidays. Some people take these holidays and decorate for each of the indivdually, but I choose to decorate for fall as a whole.

This week, I am going to share with you my top 5 decorating tips for fall:)

  1. Leaves

Leaves are my number one because they are free and you can find them almost anywhere! One of the easiest, and cutest, ways that I have found to display leaves is on my wall. I lay the leaves on the pattern I want them in on the floor, and then I use a single piece of tape to tape each leaf to the wall. Using leaves for wall art gives you plenty of room to explore your creative side a little. You can also put them in a flower vase with fairy lights for a quick table decorator. Plus, these are perfect to use all season long, just make sure your leaves are bug free before you bring them inside.

2. Homemade Candles

Photo by Nassima Rothacker

I think that in order to fully decorate a room, you have to add some aroma to the space, hence candles. While many store candles smell amazing, a lot of them contain hazardeous chemicals that can cause brain or lung damage, as well as stump some developmental issues. Store bought candles are also pretty quite expensive, but have no fear, making your own candles is so easy!

As someone that loves coffee and fall, I love pumpkin spice coffee, basic I know, but it is true. I love it so much I like my living room to smell like it, so I made my own Pumpkin Spice Coffee Bean candle. The smell is AMAZING!

The fun thing about making your own candles is that you can make them into any size or shape that you want too. Some of my candles are in seashells, old sauce jars, and even some thirfted bowls.

This is one of go to recipces for my coffee candles.

3. Thirft Store Finds

This is the main source of my decorations. I love giving a new life to an item someone else used to love. Donating old, lightly used items, helps keep them out of landfills and allows them to used again and again.

I go Goodwill and other thirft stores once a week, usually one Sundays or Mondays. I am always on the lookout for holiday decor when I am hunting. While sometimes it can be hard to find fall stuff, espically during the season, usually at the end of the season, right before christmas is when I can find some gems. My favortive thirfted items I use are my three pumpkins. I found them all at different times, but they were just meant to be together.

One thing that I do pay attention to before I buy decor is the condition of the item. I do not like to buy plastic products, so I usually avoid those seasonal items, but if it is glass or wood, I am all over it. You should look an item over before you buy it to make sure it is not broken anywhere, and that if it is dirty, that it can be cleaned.

I have scored for all seasons one my hunts, but I will share my other finds later;)

4. Blankets

I love coming home after a long day, wrapping up in a fuzzy blanket, and just relaxing for an hour or so. Downtime is really important for your mental health and everyone should give themselves a little bit of downtown each day, but more on that later, lets get back to blankets.

Blankets are an easy way to add some fall colors to a room. You can find them pretty much anywhere and in wide variety of patterns. I like to use plaid, wool blankets during the fall. I have had some luck finding some wool blankets at goodwill, but it is not a common occurance. The reason I like wool blankets is they last forever and they are so, so warm!

If you are a crafty person, this is a guide for how to make your own hand-knitted wool blanket. I have never tried to make this blanket, but I have recievced one from a friend as a gift, and I love it!

5. Fresh Pumkpins

When I use pumpkins to decorate, I usually do not cut them. Cutting them makes them rot faster and I am not very good at drawing or tracing. However, if I do get the urge to crave a pumpkin, I scoop out the seeds and bake them, YUMMY! Or you can air dry the seeds and use them as a vase filler, just make sure to clean them first.

Seeds! Smells! Cuteness! You can’t go wrong with pumpkins. During the fall season you can find pumpkins pretty much anywhere. I like to go to a local church to get my pumpkins; I think they offer the best selection and my money goes to a good place.

One of the reasons I really like to use live pumpkins when decorating is that once they have served their purpose, I can add them to my compost pile:) If you do not have a compost pile, some community gardens collect them or you can simply throw it in your backyard if all else fails.

So there ya have it folks, my top 5 favortive ways to decorate for fall. If you have any fun, sustainable ways, that you decorate for the holidays, please comment below.

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Happy Decorating!

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